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Sweeper Jingles & Sweep Effects


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Hey All,


I tried to post this in another part of the forum but this is the only

place where i am aloud to post. So have freebie on me and let me know

what ya think of this production.


Cheers All

Alistair, Air Media


Air Media - Radio Production Company

Radio Imaging Effects - News Beds - Traffic Imaging


Voice Overs - Imaging Effects - Radio Sweepers

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The selected attachment does not exist anymore.


The file ./../files/128_64cca0bfd4bc0967225a3ba62377df8f does not exist.





sorry mate..

most of the downloads didnt survive over our transfer of hosts.

if you really really need it.. pm me and i will try recover it :)

Studiio - All-In-One Radio Communication Platform
SMS | Phone Calls | Social Media | Content

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