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Suggestions for a station name?


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A friend of mine is in the process of starting an online radio station which will play easy listening/middle of the road and love songs. He has a dilemma for a name as the usual names like chill, smooth, slow, easy listening and so on are already "taken". It needs to be unique and still point to the fact of what the style of the station is, if possible. I am trying to help but have drawn a blank so far so any suggestions will be welcome.
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Piece of cake ...

check this one = JADE

Jade can stand for a jewel, for a girls name ... so it can be smooth and beautiful and some thing "more" if needed


A liner for your project ?

check this one =

- Jade made your day

- or : Young And Daily Emotional - Y stand for the j(ay) sound

- or : Jade loves you, you gonna adore Jade 24/7

- or : Love songs by Jade

- or : Jade, the positive vibe of love


Like it or not ? :D

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