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Amateur web radio equipment

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Hello all ! Thanks for the great help until now (with your helpfull posts) :)


I need your help for my gear. I have started some radio shows at a web radio station. The quality is mp3 64kbps mono and i am recording here at home (no studio).

I can spend about 200 euros / 256 USD for my gear and i am really confused!


I have an Behringer UCA202 audio interface already so i could use it. Until now i was thinking about buying a Ld systems LAX5 (the new model comes with phantom power) mixer so i can connect it to my Behringer card. For the mic i was thinking about a Heil Pr-20 .


I have read so much stuff and now i can't decide! Is that better to buy a audio interface like Tascam Us-122 or Art tube with no mixer ?

Or should i buy preamp only like this ART TUBE MP and connect that with my sound card?


I really don't know much about microphones either but as i have heard the heil are great for podcasting at that price.


As i have mentioned i am not recording at a studio so i would prefer a mic that is not so sensitive to capture much "room noise".


Any help will be really appreciated!:thumbup:


Thanks for your time anyway:)

(sorry for my pour English)

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My advice is to hunt around and buy some seconhand cheap analogue gear- and use some free software on a PC via the input jack. That way, you will have at least a good starting point, and grounding to build up from. Spend as much as you can on the mixer & mic- and add acordingly.


You can get good s/h mics at a fair price too!


ALL my gear is analogue, not one USB interface in sight- and it all sounds great!



Just my approach- not trendy, but it all works brilliantly.


You can get a copy of Cool Edit Pro 2 for about £10 s/h -worth EVERY penny!

If I have helped you with a Freebie- please be kind enough to add a link from your own site or blog to mine- thanks! http://arthurburton.net


Thank You!

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Arfa B thanks for the great advice! :thumbup:

I really appreciate this,so i now know what i am searching for !


If you want tell me what gear do you use:)


About the cool edit pro ,it seems like a great piece of software but i forgot to say that my radio show is live. I am not recording anything so i am not really sure that i will need it.


Thanks for the help again!

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