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This takes the cake

johny c

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I seen something about that on the news. I think it's crazy, what if you don't want FM radio on your cell phone? It's only away to charge you more, thats what I think about it.
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The more of these oppressive laws they bring in! The LESS everyone takes any notice!!!


Bringing in laws to control- only proves they can't keep control, or............more to the point, they want even EVEN MORE FRIGGIN' MONEY! GREED!




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The inventor of the www created the internet with the main idea that it should be free for everyone, free access, free communication etc

How much is free these days ?

We pay almost for everything : a pc, a rooter, the connection, the provider and many countries do have still "limits" on the use of it (both in traffic use or/and freedom of connection) etc etc


To Me it looks sometimes that a pc is a kind of "saving account" at a bank ...

PC costs these days 350 - 500 € ... but at the time the pc has all needed software ... imagine to musicfreaks as Us, that cheap pc is worth Thousands


If We human beings are doing the same thing as all BIG guys (and compagnies) to try to make money of "anything" ... be sure you gonna get a revisor of taxes next year :(


euhm ... by the way, to my knowledge most of the current mobile phones do have also a FM receiver.

I'm only familiar with Nokia ... I guess thats also the same in other countries ?

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RIAA and their Ilk have been spending lots of time lately dreaming up ways to generate more revenue. Expect more non-sense like this to come . . . . . .


I wish some lawyer would have the brass balls to sue these people back into the stone age for inter-state racketeering - because that's exactly what this crap is - legalised extortion.


Don't get me wrong - I think all artists deserve to be fairly compensated for their work - but RIAA has been heavily documented for not properly paying artists on their roles. That's why several high profile singers and bands have told the major record labels to take a flying leap - and they went with independent labels - or started their own.


We have the power and the ability to do what needs to be done - but will we do it ?

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