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Your opinion on a package i created


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Hey Phillipe- she looks damn good for her age! Man, she has been around FOREVER oop de radio! - probably almost even before I was born!









ahhh this is REAL radio





Man, I miss it soooooooooooooooo much! Damn it!!! :(


I looked it up- she started on Veronica in 1960 (only just after I was born in 1958!)




Vanaf 6 september 2010 presenteert Tineke bij MAX elke werkdag tussen 16.00 en 18.00 uur op Radio 5 Nostalgia de Tinekeshow. :clap::thumbup::yes::D:voiceover:

I shall be listening!


Go, go, go Tineke!!!!


PS: Phil, whwre is the Norderney now! I went to Amsterdam, Flevoland, and Scheveingen looking for her many years back. I found out they had moved her again to Maastricht I think it was back then!

If I have helped you with a Freebie- please be kind enough to add a link from your own site or blog to mine- thanks! http://arthurburton.net


Thank You!

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Nice one!


That lady has a great voice- who is she?

Talking of Dutch ladies- the great Tineke returns to Radio 5 NL soon I hear?


Thanks for the comments.


The female voice you hear is Sophie Hoeberechts, a great voice-over talent, and very nice to work with.


I indeed heard Tineke will return to Radio5 yes, nice !


btw Arfa, i tried to look up if I could find out where the norderney is now, but i can't seem to find that out....

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Hello Arthur and Aeolus,

To my latest knowledge, the Norderney is at Antwerp (Kempisch Dok) and is used as a kind of coffeeshop vs partyship.

A friend of Me went for a visit, and all who is left is the name and color of the ship. The interiour had a make over and it looks that nothing reminds so far to the old days.

Indeed, I heard also that the Norderney should move to an other harbour, but I'm not sure witch one.

See the latest pics at these links :



@AB : those days are past for ever, I don't see any possebility to start a similar project these days. (costs of Weekly fuel is already the first weekness for those kind of projects)

Tineke is currently 69 of age

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You wanted honest opinions and so I will give mine.


In all truth they sound fantastic.


Cant say much more than that lol


Seeing that ship makes me want to jump in a dinghy and row out into the north Atlantic with a microphone and some bachman turner overdrive lol.

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Thanks again for the comments :)


Arthur / Philipe,


The norderney is currently indeed in Antwerp. There are plans to move it over to the Costa Blanca in spain. Over there they also want to use it as a partyship, and possibly build a studio on board for Radio Mi Amigo (which is already broadcasting dutch radio over at the Costa Blanca).

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Ray's the name, lol


Anyway, Mi Amigo has just been started up again a while ago... but the stuff i have heard and seen until now, doesn't impress me that much... so time will tell if Mi Amigo is a station which is going to stay or not...

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Oh sorry Ray! That is my brother's name, so I won't forget it!

I am half awake, so that is why I typed in Phillipe's name!

Apologies again!


Mi Amigo was always a bit of an "acquired taste" back in the old days from the ship anyway!


Those endless ad's for Suzy Waffles were partly to blame!


It sounded nothing like RNI or Veronica, with the exception of Peter Van Dam. I know they had the ex- Veronica guy on mid morning (ex Feyenoord footballer- can't remember his name) but, he sounded VERY old fashioned.


I heard there was a good station on 1395 kHzAM recently called something Gold?

It isn't the usual Truckers Radio or BigL that was using it. The signal is very poor here in the UK, so I don't listen!

Do you know when the Norderney is moving? I must go to Antwerp before it goes- I have NEVER seen the Norderney close up!


Despite MANY attempts LOL!

If I have helped you with a Freebie- please be kind enough to add a link from your own site or blog to mine- thanks! http://arthurburton.net


Thank You!

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lol np :)


Anyway, the station on 1395 you're talking about, is Extra Gold. http://www.extragold.nl/. What i can find about this all, that it was a one time show aired on august 29th on this frequency, for the rest of the time they are just a webstation.


I don't have any clue what the station is like, and how it sounds, because when i see sites like these, i don't really get the urge to listen to it... lol


Anyway, I have tried finding some info on when the norderney will leave antwerp, but i guess nobody knows it yet. When i do see something about it, i will let you know !

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These are the guys you talking about ? http://www.radiomiamigo.eu

Sad they all claim the same name by using the same untill similar logo's, the same tunes (The Bronx), jingles.

To Me, there is only one original - seen in Our days, good or bad isn't a subject

We should be happy, otherwise, there are these days to many Mi Amigos ... and they all "think" to give Us the same old feeling.

I see into their shedule Peter van Dam, that guy doesn't do anything without earning money for it. He gave his name a real "gold" status

To Me, these are my memories ... and they stopped in the Year 2006 - watch the album and you gonna understand the reason why :


Enjoy !

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Hi guys,


I would like some opinions on a jinglepackage i created for a low power FM station i made.




Sorry to say that all the voiceovers are in dutch, so most of you won't be able to understand what the vo's are saying, but besides that, curious about what you guys think about it.


Thanks !


Man, these sound really good, looks like I have to go back to the drawing boards... :P



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