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New Broadcasting Apsirant


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Hi Founder,


Welcome here, but eehhh.... how do we have to interpret your question exactly? As it seems you don't have any broadcastingknowledge at all, and you want someone to explain you all the in's and out's of it? Good luck finding one !


Once you realize that there are no people who are going to do that, take a look around on all the information on the site. Use google and try to gather the information yourself, because there's tons of it on the interwebs. If you have questions concerning the material you found, you are always welcome on the forum to ask it, but at least show that you have put some effort in gathering the information yourself.


Good luck fella !

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Greetings friends: I want to broadcast but need a trusted guide to get through the jungle. Step one and so forth.

You're on the right place, welcome on BW


Aeolus you're right, Founder search a little on this board and you'll find alot. If you have a specific question just ask.


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