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Greed and earning money, but We do the work !


Are You against PAID streamrippers apps/players  

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  1. 1. Are You against PAID streamrippers apps/players

    • YES
    • NO
    • A shame they ask money while We do the work
    • I am a user of streamrippers

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Hello Everyone,


Just noticed that GK is once again added to a station directory

Me Happy ?

Well yes, BUT, people who wanna use the app has to pay $29.95

Its one of the many providers of media players who makes it possible to trace and record MP3 content ...

Their disclaimer tells :

program is not meant for those who intend on breaking copyright laws

I'm maybe a little old fashion and a believer of doing "good" things to others, however once again someone who earns money while We are doing all the work.


check their site : http://www.radio2mp3.com

Does they use Our PayPal link to say thanks ? :no:

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I am against it, if someone makes money out of the work put in.


The best thing to do, is permanently turn the song title's off- if they like the station they will listen anyway!


If they only listen to rip- to hell with 'em!


If they need the song title they can easily get in touch and ask, if it is that important to them that is!

So, no problem!

If I have helped you with a Freebie- please be kind enough to add a link from your own site or blog to mine- thanks! http://arthurburton.net


Thank You!

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Could it be possible to do this in SAM as following ?

The command in SAM is $combine$

(see : encoder > config > server details > $combine$)

In fact as user you can add text behind this command ... or you can delete it and write an own text (ex: stationname)

Is the following a solution ?

|$combine$| ... so : to add | in front and/or behind the command

To my knowledge it works, check my listen link and see your display

a space or dash at the end of the title and then ....

Don't know if this affects streamrippers ...

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