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Samplitude V10 Pro Crossgrade


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I thought I would bring this to anyone's attention who might be interested in Samplitude. I realize this may become dated... But I recently purchased a Crossgrade Samplitude V10 Pro off eBay for $75US funds shipping included.


This seller lives in Glasgow - United Kingdom, but has a flawless feedback of 100% with over 4000+ sales to their credit, so this is a legit concern.


I don't know how long this will last, but I would keep an eye on this eBay sale if you're interested in getting a copy of Samplitude V10 Pro.


Here is the link:




Just passing forward.


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It does say shipping not available to the United States now.


Yes it does say that, but I contacted the seller and asked if he would ship to Oregon USA and he said he would...


You need to contact the seller when you are ready to buy and request he exempt you from any buyer requirements...


If you do not request an exempt, when you try to buy it you get the eBay error message...


You are unable to bid on or buy this item because: The seller doesn't post to the country where your primary postage address is located.


Note: If you are still interested in bidding on or buying this item, you may contact the seller and ask that they exempt you from any buyer requirements.


That is what I did and he reset the sale for me, then emailed me to let me know I could now purchase the software... and I was able to purchase and pay for it through PayPal.


Hope this helps,


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Well, I finally received my Samplitude software package in the original unopened Magix manufacturered box. Shipping from UK to Oregon USA was only 8 days. I paid for the package on the 3rd and received it on the 11th. Pretty fast turn around considering it came from the UK.


UpNextMusic really jumped on the ball. No wonder they have a perfect 100% Feedback with over 4000 sales.


Anyway, the software installed flawlessly, the dongle was easy to register and validate and I'm one happy camper. My package even came with an extra software program which really surprised me.


Inside the Samplide box was a copy of Magix Movie Edit Pro 14, which I didn't expect. Pretty good deal... Samplitude V10 Pro Crossgrade and Magix Movie Edit Pro for only $75 US, Shipping included...


UpNextMusic still have 4 Samplitude V10 Pro Crossgrade packages left as of 9/11/10 on their eBay page. If you're thinking of getting into Samplitude, this is the time but don't wait too long.


Click Here for UpNextMusics Samplitude V10 Pro Crossgrade on eBay


Just sharing a super great deal.


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