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Dry Voice please (Script)


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I know this is a cheezy script but it is meant for it to be this way, have fun with it, it will be greatly appreciated :)



1) (Scientist) It's time....


2) (Assistant) Are you sure this will work Doctor?


3) (Scientist) Why would it not?


4) (Assistant) It is just that you have ressurected him like 3 or 4 times before already and just thought that how messed up-


5) (Scientist-Getting Annoyed) YES!! It will work-just nevermind. I know what I am doing.


6) (Assistant) What makes you think this time it will work?


7) (Scientist-Annoyed) Okay you know what? Stop asking stupid questions!!! I am the scientist and you're not! JD Alexi (Alec-See) is coming back, and he is gonna rock the air-waves Friday Nights from 9pm to midnight whether you believe it or not!


8) (Assistant) Well I sure do miss "The 80's Music Mix".


9) (Doctor) And that too will be exclusive to Totally 80's-where it's all 80's all the time!

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