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We are mostly selling Resellers, so most of the servers are not dealt with me, but we have a few radio stations who are in the process of switching servers to us for example http://www.onyxradio.com.


Wow, you host your website on the SAME server that you host the streams ??


One test stream is down and one is only 24k. Hard to judge quality on such a low speed stream.


What Data Center do you use ?


We use a private label datacenter located in Seattle.


As for me not replying, I do apologies, I recently had a death in the family.

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My condolences also m8,


I was not being ****ty I just thought it would be good to be able to see how well the servers coped with other stations hosted on it and how they sounded.


Thanks for the link I will have a look, and once again my condolences on your loss, I seriously hope things get easier over time m8.

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