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Hi I'm looking for a new jingle for my station Radio Shipley. I'm looking for a non-dry one possibly bedded with stingers/sweeps ect. It plays mostly hit music so it needs to be lively. I'd like it with a bit of bedding before and then "Radio Shipley" added on the end. I'd like a sung one but maybe that's a bit too much to ask for :P


Many Thanks



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Hello Dave,


First of all welcome to BW


It might be better to write the "liner" (text) this way ...

example :

Liner 1 = content words .... etc

so specify what has to be said by the VO


Currently its for VO members very difficult to know what you are looking for


After you are satisfied with one or more VO liners they can be produced by somebody.

Accept this small message to point you into the right direction :)

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