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What is your internet speed?


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Well, I would be happy with half off it......


Overhere in Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) the maximum speed is 3 Mbps.....that´s what they sell, but if you do a speedtest......well...... :wtf:


In the city you can go to a downloadspeed of 1028 Kbps, but where I live (10 Km outside the capital) I get an upload of 108 Kbps and a download of 468 Kbps....ON A GOOD DAY. :(


price for that unbelievable fast internet adsl...39 € national telephone calls included.


When I was living in Belgium 3 years ago adsl was also 39 € with national telephone calls and the speed then was 14 Mbps. Now that was downloading.



Xtra musica,

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