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Hi Matt,


a flashy website ... very nice

I see that you are streaming 64kbps 44.1kHz mono

Why not stereo ? and if possible as an aacp+ stream ?


Your sound is ok, ... but the audio levels have to be more or less on "one" level ... currently one song has higher/lower levels than others etc etc

it would be an improvement if you increase mono into stereo and 64kbps into 64kbps aacp+


By the way ... welcome to BW :)

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Thanks for the advice, we use mono to increase the quality of 64kb/s as much as possible. we use 2 servers at the moment, the server the dj connects to is capable of aac and a 96kb/s bitrate but we have licensed our station with web radio world so we now relay to one of their hosted servers at 64kb to save on costs. I don't think i would consider using AAC as it isn't as universal as mp3 , i like the idea that our listeners can hit listen and the stream will play instantly in the flashplayer (courtesy of wavestreaming) .




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