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Looking For Graveyard Background Sound


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I have looked in a few places but can not come across a half decent one.


The longer the better tbh but it dont matter too much as it will be on a loop.


If anyone has one or a link to a decent one then please could you post it up ?


Thanks in advance.

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Sorry for the late update :) was busy trying to get my left foot to stop feeling numb lol.


I think it would be best if I described a scene.


Dark foggy moonlit night alone in an old church graveyard.


Owls twit twooing and the ghostly sound of a church bell in the distance, the sound of leaves rustling and grunting noises and the noise of coffin lids being moved. etc...


I had one which was perfect but lost it last year when my 1tb seagate crashed out :(.


If I can not find a stock one then I am gonna have a go at knocking one up myself and will stick it on here for anyone who wants it.


Thanks for the reply GK :)

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Sorry GK, I aint been around much recently due to ill health, what started as a sore throat a few weeks ago turned out to be much worse. I am on the road to recovery now and feeling a lot better and hope to be here more in the future.


The file you did was spot on and just what I was after, thanks so much for knocking it up as it sounds much much better than most of the stock ones that are available.


Thanks so much m8 and rep sent.

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