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Free for any one to use


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These are free to use if you want. I just created them tonight, and this is my first time making something like this. The first one "1 Classic Rock MP3" has voices at the end, and the 2nd one "1 Test MP3" was the template I made. If you want to use your own voice for a station ID or what ever use the 2nd file, or I guess you could use the first one.
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The "Request A Free Voiceover" section is for requests, The "Sound Effects & General Bits" section is where people post free clips, sound effects, sweepers and general bits.


You are more likely to get more views and more downloads in this section, as thats what its for. :)

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You're welcome Guido


With "normalize regions" I mean this : check the attached file

and open it as WAVE into your editing software

All regions have currently more or less the same volume levels

They where not boosted (!) ... only normalized

Thanks GK

I'm not familiar with your software - I guess fellow BW member do so - and I guess the same tool has to be around "somewhere" into your software


Anyway ... you have to adjust in general your volume settings of your SFX elements and your songs ... both do have currently a difference in volume

Good luck !

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