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I'm looking for new DJs and Presenters


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Hi, I'm looking for new DJs and presenters to join our line up on radiothree.net , we currently have 18 active djs and are keen to expand.


We hold a PPL license which covers royalties in the UK and 38 other countries. We currently have a maximum capacity of 25 Conccurent liseners which we have peaked on a regular basis, and we have a chatroom with over 60 members and counting. Our target audience is 14 - 25 year olds in the UK , Most of our shows are music based so we are idealy looking for some variety and interesting shows.


We also have extra features for DJs who contribute to the cost of running the station such as a radiothree.net email address, website banners promoting their show and pre recorded shows scheduled for automatic playout.



We need DJs and presenters who can do a show on a regular basis at the same times each week and also be able to know what they are doing without our assistance, e.g be able to stop auto dj and start your encoder without trouble (it's suprising how many internet dj's fail to be able to do this)


If you're up for it , fill out our application form at http://radiothree.net/apply or email me at matt@radiothree.net


Please note that we are an internet only hobby station, DJs are not paid and contributions towards the cost of running the station are not mandatory but encouraged.





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