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Display Show Title When LIVE


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I have sampled and tweaked a few scripts I have come across on various websites, but haven't found one that works. Here is what I am looking for:


I do a weekly 2 hour in-studio/call-in show. I am looking for a script that will display the name of the show while not playing music. I have looked through a couple scripts posted in the SAM section here and wonder if one or two of those might work.


So looking at:




I understand that this would primarily be used for just what says, adding to the artist/title, etc. This would work when we play the occasional song, but if no song is playing is there a way to tweak it to run the info full time?


I have a feeling I am wanting to use:




This seems to be way to go. I am not with my SAM at the moment, so I am just trying to get a few opinions/ideas while away from the machine.



Thanks for any and all comments/suggestions. I had one that worked well for pulling the info from a remote broadcaster, but never got it to work with my needs for this show.


Thanks again - J

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Thanks for your interests :) Nice !


ok ... about the script witch Eric talks about ... you can change the time '+00:15:00' into '+00:01:00' or other value

This means that the "text" file gonna be updated every minute (in the original script it updates every 15 minutes)


However if you broadcast from an other place than the mainstudio I guess the other idea is more likely yours ...

Why ?

if you "delete $combine$" or any other content such as $mmss$ and other ...

You gonna create a "blank" part at your display

So by writing into "that section" of the SAM encoder config ONLY "your" specific details its logical that these gonna appear into the display of the listener

example : NameShow - NameHost - Day of the Week

at that time you don't have to use any code ... such as $ etc


Hope this was helpfull ;)

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Thanks guys. I will give the


"const bannertext_file = 'D:\Program Files\SpacialAudio\SAMBC\PAL\BannerText.txt';

const change_interval = '+00:01:00';"


a shot this weekend and report my success with it. Thanks again for the responses. Anyone else with other ideas, please feel free to post them. Always open to learning alternative ways to work within SAM.


- J

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So, I gave both options a try (kind of a last minute effort) but couldn't get anything besides the standard artist/title.


I am wondering (and will look in to) if my problem is using my own php script to ftp the title to our remote server.


Besides using SAM's encoders to send the information to our provider, we also ftp the info to our website to show what's playing, which may be where the issue lies.


I will look in to making any needed changes there and report my findings.

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