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How do you want this doing? Dry or Produced? It might be worthwhile writing down the kind of voice style you want. When I read the script, I see two points. The first point is that it's for radio, so in a radio voice perhaps. The second point is that the word 'King' makes me think that I should be reading the copy in a mystical voice ... think King Arthur. So, what should it be?




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Points well taken, meds have my mind in the clouds.


Yes, dry read , please.


Serious style would be good. I haven't quite nailed down what I will do with this, however it can be used as -is, or by playing on the word "throne" and split the track to add a toilet flush. I may even start it with horns, then split the toilet, who knows. All post I can do myself, just have a tough time getting a good read from myself (aren't we all our biggest critic?)


I am open to any and all ideas on this. Thanks again for your suggestions and comments.


- J

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