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MJ - Thriller Special Halloween edit by GK


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Attached you'll find a special Halloween edit of Thriller

produced : by Me aka GK :rolleyes:


Operational it means that I cut, pasted and made an edit on every "loop" who is used !


I hope you gonna like this special edit


Please if you make any download of this file write your feedback at all time !!


This file stays exclusive online untill Halloween 2010 !

(No new upload gonna be made)


UPDATE : As quoted earlier, the attached file is now deleted from this thread

No need to PM Me to transfer the file to your account


Do You like My Production Work ? Consider to

Donate here

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Being an old film buff, especially the Horror genre.... I can tell you VP's voice was cultivated over many years.When he started out in films like "TOWER OF LONDON" he sounded nothing like the VP that we all grew to know well.

He slowed his pace down some what, and hanged on/ grasped on to syllables, usually letting the things fade away toward the end of a sentence.

He almost certainly learnt/copied this style from the truly excellent and underrrated Boris Karloff!

If I have helped you with a Freebie- please be kind enough to add a link from your own site or blog to mine- thanks! http://arthurburton.net


Thank You!

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