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Station ID Request


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Hello all,


Before I go any further, would just like to take this opportunity to thank all on this forum for a great service, as I really enjoy all the posts and learn alot of great info!!


Anyway, I would be very grateful if any voiceover guys wanted to provide me with a station id that I can use inbetween our programmes, ie one programme ends, station id then onto the next programme.


I was thinking along the lines of:


All The Best Music...All Of The Time....This is your number one hit music station "Real Hit Radio"....stay tuned for more great music


Something like the above would be great, as I have done most of our station jingles and would like a change of voice if possible.


Thanks in advance...



Station Manager


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Your welcome for the info I Can't provide you your voice over sorry maybe PM Billh He will be able too.


Please DONT PM any of our talents unless it is for paid work, or unless they PM you first.


This is against our rules and can be very annoying for our talents!

Brandon_g i suggest you read over our forum rules before doing any backseat moderating. ;)

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Hello again,


Ok, quick update...thats all the station ids now on the jingle schedule, and sounding brill!!


I managed to edit the two parts together...so here are the links fot the three main jingles:





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