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Shoutcast newbie


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I have been asked by James the Admin to post my request here.


I run a forum for people that suffer from phobias, depression and anxiety and would like to offer them radio, on demand and live. Im a total novice to it all but im looking for someone to help me out with the server side if possible. Maybe if I dont want to worry about live radio I could consider podcast but how do I go about that and with podcast can I add songs, adverts and me chatting etc? Sorry for so many questions but I guess I have to start somewhere. Well if someone is willing to give me some advice that I will understand it would be very much appreciated.


Take care



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hi jonnyjonny firstly welcome to the forum, there are a number of ways to do this,

Live shows can be set up using winamp and your own server through winamp all for free (but you will have limited listener numbers) due to bandwidth issues,

Or for podcasting you could record your shows chat, music, ad's using some free software, mic etc upload this to your server and have a click here button for it to play automatically or through a embeded player on your forum/website for people to listen to,

There are other ways but i dont want to confuse matters so we will leave it at that for the moment, but you will have to decide what you would prefer to do and we can take it from there

Cheers for now Andy @ RRR

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