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Would You Like To Host Your Own Show? Please Read For More Info!

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My name is JJ and I own the "Voices On The Net" Network, a successful and popular netcast network. I have been a member here on Broadcasting World for some-time and with all of the talent here, I decided I had to post this information here, so here goes. Rather than go into full detail here, all of the information pertaining to the competition going on can be accessed here - "Voices On The Net" Network.


Many talented broadcasters would love to get a chance to engage a large audience; shine in the spotlight; live their passion, but just do not have the tools, nor the means, or time to start their own show, expose it, etc. I am interested in quality over quantity, as you can see when visiting the network's website. I feel it is now time to expand a bit more by adding a new show to the network, but by including the listeners and fans of the network that have always wanted to host a show. I want to give you that opportunity!


Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions about the competition, the network, myself, etc. Also, please check out the live content Monday through Friday from 11am-2pm ET! "A Session With JJ" airs from 11am-12pm ET live, and Take-Two airs from 1pm-2pm ET! In between breaks and what-not, I interact with the listeners in the chat and will be discussing this competition immensely. I am very excited to include a new show on the "Voices On The Net" Network!


Looking forward to receiving your submissions!


Once again, the competition information on the website can be accessed here - "Voices On The Net" Network.


Thanks, and best regards,


JJ - Voices On The Net Owner

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