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Hi I run a forum for people with phobias, depression and anxiety and was thinking of adding some podcasts and wanted a little ad for the forum to be put in now and again. Or maybe its called a jingle im not sure as im totally new to all this but im sure you get the idea.


Im looking for something along the lines of:


Never fear, Ofear.com, the number one phobia forum, online.


Escape your fears and visit Ofear Phobia Forum.


This podcast was brought to you by Ofear.com.



Maybe you have a better idea?


Thanks so much



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Guest Baabaa Productions

Hi Jonny I have done 4 takes for you. Hope you can use them. Good luck with the forum.



user-online.pngJonnyjonny baabaa.mp3[/attachment:205sides]

SouthOMike_Dry.zipjonnyjonny baabaa 2.mp3[/attachment:205sides]

jonnyjonny baabaa 3.mp3[/attachment:205sides]

jonnyjonny baabaa 4.mp3[/attachment:205sides]

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