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Yep, says it all Johny! I fairly recently applied for a show on a nearby ish station here.


I sent the link to the demo file via a well known file sharing system.


Needless to say, I got the standard reply that they send out!!!


You know, thanks but no thanks- bugger off, coz' you aren't even shortlisted!

(In other words, we've had someone lined up even before the job was advertised!)


What the guy didn't know, is that I can tell whether the file was downloaded!!!!


and surprise, surprise................NO DOWNLOAD! :no:


Oh, I just love the pic of the studio there- Gates Turntables with fluid arms and a Gates Rotary fader mixer! I have used one of those, and similar turntables!


Back to the matter in hand, this false economy has been going on for so long, even the listeners have given up!

At least I was there when it was the Golden days!:D

If I have helped you with a Freebie- please be kind enough to add a link from your own site or blog to mine- thanks! http://arthurburton.net


Thank You!

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I remember when Radio was like that. Whats it called today anyway?

To me it's, that station, that station sucks :) Play a CD.

Everyone likes music, but you do need information, Don't you?

Sorry you do get sound bites, Someone was killed in bla bla place. oh joy

How about some real news and not a bunch of BS and stuff that some boss handed you that is afraid to report the truth.


See we can't do that here in the good 'ol US of A any more.

"I'm Retired" Donations PayPal.Me/artistview . I only do dry reads, if you want FX's you'll have to add them, I might add them. If you use my voice please link to my art site AbstractArtist.xyz, Thank you
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