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Would this be possible in the UK


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I have been doing my research, understanding the licenses but as seems to be the case I am not sure about the fine detail. I figured I would ask the experts. I know for the uk I need two sets of license. PRS and PLL However here is my idea.


I would like to create a station that will play live music with DJ, but also have prerecorded show with music.


Is this possible ? Would the licensing allow me to do it ? Would I have to stream the song details ?


Thank you in advance for your help



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As far as I understand it, if the music is live, and you have the artists permisssion (in writing) to air it, and you later play these live recordings, in other words you repeat them (again, get permission in writing), then you don't have to pay any money in royalties to either PPL or PRS.


I did shows on a station that purely played music from artists that opted out of the royalty system (and there is PLENTY of it!), and there was NOTHING PPL or PRS could do about it.


May I add, the material was usually of exceptionally high quality, usually much better than is being aired on Terrestrial UK and European Radio stations that I have the misfortune to come across when they are played in shops, bars etc.


God knows how awful the imaging is on many large radio stations in the UK- Heart and Absolute to name two instantly.


MANY people in Radio in 2010, don't seem to have a clue about what sounds, good, bad or simply damn awful!:no::schmoll::nea:


Back to Royalties: You certainly don't have to pay to play your own imaging- that is your own property, and nothing to do with either of them, unless it features excerpts of Royalty liable music of OVER 30 seconds, as proven by the recent Coldpaly case as I understood it.




The whole royalty thing is totally over complicated and way too expensive for small broadcasters. It is destroying the fruition of emerging talent in the broadcasting field, and at the same time constricting the talent already out there- that needs just a little outlet via a net station.


All that is left are the liner readers who work for very little money in general on the "mainstream" stations.


Things need to change, and be changed for certain! Or radio will die, and all that will be left is a mass of wallpaper radio stations and no originality............clones is the word that more-or-less sums up the situation, sadly!

If I have helped you with a Freebie- please be kind enough to add a link from your own site or blog to mine- thanks! http://arthurburton.net


Thank You!

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Thxs for the reply.


I think you miss understood what I was asking Arfa B. I was actually talking about normal music being used in a show which is pre-record, not music that was recorded live.


I know the situation with license is odd, so I am starting to think that any definitive answers is not possible until you try it.

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