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The BigMouth is Baaaaaack?


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Hello All,

Look who is back... It is I thebigmouth... I have returned after a long sabbatical and thought I would drop by from time to time to do a few freebie VO's. For those of you that don't know me... My name is Jerry McCrae and my studio is named BigMouthStudio or just BMS. I have lots of radio experience dating back to the dark ages of radio when the cart machine was king and reel to reel tape was the norm in the production studio. Some say I am old, however the carbon dating is not back on me as of yet. I'll keep you posted. When I started my little studio, I entered the age of digital production, however I do employ the KISS method (keep it simple stupid!) and have not moved to a multi-track DAW. Nope all I do is "layer" audio which takes a little work. I hope I will be able to offer help to the members of this fine forum. If you have any questions please ask!


Kind Regards,



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Well all is well. I took a long sabbatical away from doing VO. The boring day job keeps me busy. Plus it's Christmas time in the states and I hate the holidays. So pretty much the same. All well with you?


Yeah same here, trying to find a job! Im on my way around Australia to do some club djing in December so that should bring my funds back up!


Hope you get some new clients over the holiday period! :thumbup:

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