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Request for a Tim Hortons Radio Spot Please


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I am new to this site and working on a personal project where I wrote a script for a Tim Horton's radio ad. I would really appreciate a male voice that can really share the story I am telling with emotion. I do not have a lot of money to spend, but I would love if someone would be willing for $20.

Thank you so much




“Your mother was a beaming blonde, but a bright one. She was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth-but she did not object to having one placed there. She soon found herself in the lap of luxury-which happened to be the laps of some very gracious gentlemen, and soon those spoons fed her beluga caviar and poured her golden champagne. She sailed the seas and flew the skies in a style that would make the first lady proud. She knew the value of a smart handbag (or shall I say handbags), but also the value of the dollar. She will never tell you how she got those six diamond rings, or how she ended up here-because the only thing that matters to her is that she IS here. To her, the thought of being anywhere else, is absolutely inconceivable. She takes her coffee with a splash of cream and a sprinkle of sugar, [pause] because she is a lady. Despite it all, she knows it’s not about what the cup looks like, or whether its crystal or china, but what is inside of it, which is what she said about your father. It’s no Paris, Milan, London, or Rome, but its home, and its always been Tim Horton’s.

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