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E L C Vengence


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we need a sound track for our school trailer and would be greatful if someone would help us out.

it should go like this


"somethings happening...the schools not safe" we would prefer in a whisper

then go onto a SCREAM and then another whisper..'help me!' then a normal voice asking 'were is hope?' a sound effect of a heartbeat lasting about 2-4 seconds. next we need a whispering(doesnt matter what saying) this is because our charactor is whispering the killers life story off a computer screen.

As you probably know to build uo tention in a horror movie there is like a violin on a medium pitch and then a strong drum ending the whole sound track

on a seperate track could you do heavy slow breathing?

many thanks

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I'm with GK here. Thats a fully produced trailer. You might get lucky and find someone to do that for free, but I'm thinking that you will have to throw some kind of incentive($) in there to get it done. And probably not that much just something cause these guys work real hard at what they do and to do something like that for free is kinda unheard of. Good luck though.
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