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PC on west coast, Xmitter on east coast.

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I need your opinion, education and experience.


Just suppose a jock wanted to broadcast from his/her PC on one coast and the station/transmitter is on the other coast.


I know about Source Connect, but that's a real expensive solution. I'm aware that a dedicated ISDN line will do the trick. I'm also aware that streaming from one PC to another PC and then having the station connect the stream is another solution. However, the third solution does present the chance the stream will sound, well ... streamy!


In attempting to hit time marks at either end what would be required for this and the stream concurrently?


Thanks in advance folks for your input.



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We have dozens of stations with their PC on one coast and the Shoutcast server on the other coast. As Johnny C says, it works just fine.


If your ping time is about 100 msec or so at 128k, you will be ok. If you are using 512k for video, that is something else.


Perhaps you can tell us if you have some sort of issues doing this. Most stations don't have the luxury of their transmitter being just around the corner from their broadcast PC.

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Something to think about for sure is the delay time due to shoutcast. Depending on a lot of factors, I'd say you're going to have a minimum 12 - 20 second delay at 128kbps between when West Coast Studio pumps it in, and East Coast Transmitter hears it.


This can be particularly difficult to time a DJ sign off on the east, and having the west stream start right away. You would have to have an idea of the delay, and time it through an IM with the other DJ.


The other con to this is that network latency could cause the stream to skip, or to drop out completely.


As a cheap option, this is probably the best though. It can cost as little as free because you could host your own server.


Good luck,


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