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A Little Girls Christmas Wish


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I play Santa each year for school programs or whatever is needed in our area and this happened to me last night at our school xmas program. I was so moved by it I wrote a letter to the editor of our local paper. Here is the letter:





I made a special visit from the North Pole to the school Christmas Program last Wednesday night. Over 50 children sat next to me to tell me what they wanted for Christmas. As the line of children came to an end, one little girl came up to me to ask if she could sit next to me. I, of course, said yes. She sat down and I handed her a present and asked her what she wanted for Christmas. She looked directly at me, saying "I would like some books." But then she said, "Wait, I don't want books. What I really want is for all orphans in the world to be safe christmas day." I looked at her in dis-belief. A little girl who doesn't want a toy, doesn't want books, doesn't want anything other than safety for all the orphans in the world. If only everyone thought like this little girl on Christmas, we would all be in a better place and the true spirit of Christmas would be realized.


Mr. S. Claus

North Pole






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