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Holiday Wishes from You to BW (add YOURS here)


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A serious Happy Holiday to everyone. No Pappy, Billy Bob, just me.



I'd like to wish everyone a very Healthy, Happy, and Prosperous New Year.


You all need your health,


Life can become very hard when your health takes a turn for the worse.


Not that it isn't hard enough even in good health.



May you all be Happy -

We all need to smile no matter what happens in life.

In the good and bad times.


One way to make yourself smile (You'll think I'm crazy)

If you talk to yourself out loud the strangest thing will happen,

you'll find yourself with a smile, Saying I'm crazy.

You'll also find yourself with a smile and people will say,

What are are you smiling at?


Of course you won't tell them, or will you?


I'm kind of lucky,

I talk with different voices so I can go all day talking to

Pappy, Billy Bob, The God Father, even the Bar Fly

and who ever else I come up with.


I call it practice, others just think I'm crazy.


But you know what? I have a smile on my face,

because I laugh at myself almost every day.


May everyone be Prosperous -

We all could use a little help there.


May we all continue to help each other here on BW

when we can and help people off line as well, if and when you can.


If you help someone, they will in turn help someone.


So "Pass It On" help others when you can.


You'll be very surprised how life can be when you help others.


Pass It On!

"I'm Retired" Donations PayPal.Me/artistview . I only do dry reads, if you want FX's you'll have to add them, I might add them. If you use my voice please link to my art site AbstractArtist.xyz, Thank you
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