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Beta Testers wanted


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Hello Everyone,


I'm one of the developers of a new radio automation software called Active AutoChart.


Active AutoChart is dedicated to managing music charts. It processes all your incoming votes, creates the playlists and it updates the chart to your website. You can now have a daily chart that operates 24/7 without requiring your input.


Here's a rundown on it's features..

  • It processes all incoming votes from your website.
  • Votes are also sent to an email address that you have specified.
  • If there are little (or zero) votes, AutoChart places random votes.
  • Start everyday with zero votes, or let it build up over days.
  • Automatically creates your chart's playlist.
  • Automatically updates the chart page to your website.
  • Automatically updates the vote page to include new songs added by you.
  • Automatically creates a daily log file.

So as mentioned in the topic title, we're looking for beta testers. If you are interested, please go to http://www.tcm-group.net/autochart to download the beta release.


We hope that you people will like the program, and we'd love to receive feedback on your experiences with our new software!


Kind regards,


AutoChart's Development team

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I thought that he was talking about a different script :oops:


Maybe I should tell what the main difference is between autochart and current request scripts (like the one for SAM but also the SPL Studio version)


The biggest difference is that autochart doesn't do requests.

It's meant for stations that don't use requests scripts but want to have a "Most Popular Songs of the Day" chart.


For example, at our own station we don't want to use a request script because continuesly the same songs got requested.

So we created a daily top ten segment, at which listeners can vote for their favorite songs. This causes them to have to "battle" against other voters and keep them coming back to our website. The chart updates every hour and gets broadcasted 3 times a day.

Take a look at it in action @ xamfm.com


Another difference is that while script versions send a command to the automation software everytime a request is made, Autochart works the other way around. It only loads the votes whenever you set it to. Thus removing all those pesky communication errors that remain in (most) script versions.


Anyway, I hope this makes everything a bit more clear and thanks for your feedback GKR. I apreciate it :)

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wow, and you actually get people to vote? I think sometimes it is very hard to get people to do anything that is "extra work" over and above just tuning in. That's not a bad thing, it is what it is. Like requesting, I would think the same songs get voted for. Sounds interesting and worth taking a look at.




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