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Well, strangely enough, it turns out when you are also too successful it has it's negatives...the licensing agency we have been partnering with for the last year and a half and was more than they could legally support and share with other stations they worked with, and we were asked to secure our own licensing independently, lol :P

Well, that sucks, but it doesn't at the sametime.


A new adventure? I am looking to have my new upcoming syndicated 3 hour "90s Hit Music" show to secure a new home. This show is going to have a wide range of 90s Hits from grunge, trance, rap, alternative, country, pop to hard rock and whatever else that made the 90s awesome!


This is a limited time posting as it is an exclusive only show to your station.


Inbox me for more info, but attached below is an idea of what the show is about:

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