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SAM - history/generating playlist


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HI everybody,


I have a small internet radio, we broadcast once or twice a month for 4-6 hours and recently i found out that there is a better solution for broadcasting than shoutcasting through Winamp and clicking around in Windows sound mixer :) - and it SAM.

I have one little problem though. Is there a way for SAM to generate a playlist (i mean history - songs that played) to text or html file? Normally I copy names and artists of songs played from list generated on the site of our stream host, but we changed the host for better and we dont have this option now and its not very elegant to copy names of songs one by one from SAM,you know.

The thing is we dont have a stable playlist and were basically making the it realtime from prearranged selection. SO, i know theres an option in SAM for generating HTML outputs directly to the website but we dont need this yet. I just need to generate it to file to my computer.

Is it possible? Help please.

Thanks in advance.



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