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Few for a country station


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Please fully produced, lots of action please. Please be creative. I will pay $5.00 each for the ones I use via paypal. American male voice please. Attached is an example on how you say my name.


"Lay back....rexlax & crack open a beer....let us do the work for you....well, not really. Keep it locked right here on YOUR country station, always hot country dot com."



"always hot country is taking your requests now. Go to always hot country dot com to submit your request, thats always hot country dot com to make your request."



"Always hot country can take your calls and put you, live on the air. Go to skype dot com to get your free software, thats skype S.K.Y.P.E. (spelled out) dot com and add AlwaysHotCountry to your contact list to give us a call"



"Your listening to the all request show with, ??Jeremy Otro?? (In question form)....what a ****en (Beep out so you can only the the 'en') redneck"



"Ahhhhh....getting your fix of country music, right here on always hot country dot com."


Be creative, have fun with it and add whatever you think would make it sound better.:clap:



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Hey Bill, all is well, haha, been pretty busy, so when I have time not to be busy I would usually get busy being back here!


I hope noone minds that when I disappear I disappear, but when I log back on here I try so hard to catch up! :P


How are things with you bill?

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