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Voice-Over Request Please


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Can anyone help me? Me and my friend have our own little radio show at university but we haven't broadcasted in a while... so would just like a little voiceover for our 'return'.


We are both from England... enjoy performing and being creative. Our 'show' is part of the radio society we have and we really enjoy doing it. We're completely new to this forum so don't really know how it works, but have been reading other posts from other people and were thrilled so see the community spirit on here and the fact people are so willing to help others so we were hoping for the same.


We would just like a deep male voiceover (like a movie trailer voiceover) to say...


"breaking news... have you heard... 2011 is the return of... SteAndKel" (pronounced Ste and Kel)


and then just a little voiceover of a deep male voice saying "steven" and "kelly"


If anyone could help that would be AMAZING! Just want to make our little 'comeback' show fun and different =)


And of course... we'd LOVE to plug this site in return... hopefully more people will join and help eachother out!

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