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Keyboard Remap SAM


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Hi people , well I speak spanish so my english, probably not good.


This tutorial and program make for de SpecialAudio Solutions forum, but no body see so, here probably will be more util :D


OK, this is a simple program, we know in Sam Broadcaster you can't preset your own keyboard keys to make actions, so i made with AHK lenguage a little software to remap the "Default" keys of Sam Broadcaster to the Numeric Keypad.


Some features of this software is the numeric keypad only be affected when you have the Sam Brodcaster windows active, so you can, browse in the internet, or use skype, MSN without problem with the numeric keypad.

I use the numeric keypad because you can buy a individual USB Keypad you probably see in some computer house.

The program it's very simple, you must open the .exe and this will go to the taskbar with the clock, then you can use the keys on Sam, the only one key is universal (works in all system) it's in the numeric keypad the "dot" that key open Sam if it's in the tray or minimized.

To close the program just make secundary click on him and close it.


Here you have a video demostration of the software



A image to show you the layout of the keys




I will translate in order from the left to the right, up to down


Next (With Fading) - Add File - Delete selected file

Play - Pause - Stop - Microphone

Desktop 1 - 2 - 3

Shuffle Queue - Add Playlist - Minimize

Mute Air - Maximize


Well the .zip with the program it's in the attach files :lol:






Thats all people, Enjoy


GecKoTDF - Argentina

Rio Grande - TDF

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