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UK Internet Radio need you!


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Im matt owner of SM-Radio.com


We are after alot of DJs and a few managers!


Alot of our staff have just moved to a new site "lets not go into it"


So we are looking for a fresh new wave of staff and our new sponsorship means the site is looking promising.


We have a sponsorship with a group called "Stafford Jets Cheerleading Squad" and they will be advertising us when they perform at Stoke City FC in march 2011 "if all goes to plan"


So we need a full lineup of DJs untill then, we offer fixed slots and we also offer a flexible booking system which you can manage from your own DJ panel, slots can be booked a week in advanced so you dj when you have the time!


All our staff are friendly and we are working on rapidly expanding our content with a new layout!


If you have any questions please let me know, manager applications must have vast experience and be prepared to be dedicated to our site

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