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Using SAM Broadcaster, looking into Station Playlist


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Hi all.

Just as a background - I am pretty computer savvy, and do media work as my day job, and I'm able to normally pick up software pretty easily.

I posted the same question on another broadcaster forum, and I'm trying to get some more information and feedback.

I've been using SAM Broadcaster for a while.

I really like the automation system, and being able to have it pull songs from the categories based on the clockwheel without having to make and setup playlists.

I tried the trial of Station Playlist Creator recently, and I just felt that it was a lot harder to get it set up like I wanted (just getting the encoders to transmit the ID3 info took a really long time, as opposed to SAM, which did it automatically).

Additionally, being used to SAM's automation system, I don't really like having to set up or import a playlist in order for it to play.

I also was just used to the SAM layout and system, from using it so much.

I don't really need any of the voice features, so even though Station Playlist is better with that (from what I've read), I don't see any reason to move over for that feature. I do like SAM's request system and PHP pages, which Station Playlist doesn't seem to have.

Also, having all the SAM info in a MySQL database and being able to manipulate things with external scripts or queries is also a big benefit.

So from those who have used both programs - are there any reasons to convince myself to like and use Station Playlist, and to get used to the playlist method?

And what benefits does Station Playlist have over SAM?

Thanks a lot!

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