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A Worked Radio Drop


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Hey guys you all did a brilliant job i would like to request some more, selfish i know -.-, i do not have the skills/software to make a proper radio drop so could you guys please help me out.


" your tuned in to BCR 103.1 FM " any accent will be fine but if your talented at international accents please have a crack.


for each reply i am willing to donate 2.00 GPB


Thanks again for any help to keep us going



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Without sounding an ungrateful person hehe cause i understand youve all cost time on this but i didnt explain properly. i dont have like the correct software to make the things like erm lapianomans drop with the sound effects and cutting up the sound as such like so it has music and such.

i have all of these downloaded already i think.


thanks again


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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