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A Station ID request


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I am totally new to the broadcasting scene and i do this strictly as a hobby.


It would be great if you could make me a Station ID jingle of some kind.


The station full name is "Mannering Media Internet Radio" but it is generally called "MMIR" for short.

The station has a kind of "easy listening" style, with Music (Country, Folk, Jazz/Swing, Classical), Spoken (a book serialisation, a late night ghost story).


Also a couple of presented programs with chat, music and introductions to new musicians/composers.... hope to expand the content over time.


Take a listen at; http://www.manneringmedia.co.uk


Thank you for your consideration.

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Can you make some "specific" liners ? aka their content


such as :

liner 1 = ...... ...... .....

liner 2 = ...... ...... .....



Thats muck easier for VO members to make their reads + how is "Mannering" pronounced


That way you gonna receive faster a reply to your post



Hi GKREurope,

Thanks for getting back to me, and your guidance.


"Mannering" is pronounced exactly as it reads... Mann-er-ing.

As for Liners... I will have a go at a couple, but i am sure there are more creative members than I.


LINER 1: Listen to the world in music... MMIR


LINER 2: The best sounds, The best music... MMIR


LINER 3: From Telford in Shropshire, The UKs favourite internet radio station... MMIR


LINER 4: Lay back and relax, your listening to... Mannering Media Internet Radio.


LINER 5: At home or away, there is always... Mannering Media Internet Radio.


Hope these are of use, but i am very open to your creativity.

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Hi Everyone,

I would like to thank you all very much for creating and sending me the Station Id, some of you have really good clear and expressive voices.

I will select the ones i want to use, and add background music/sounds to some... some i will use as is.


Again thank you all.... what a great and helpful sight this is. :thumbup:

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After all the great help i have had from members here, i feel a little embarrassed to ask again for another Station ID.

This time i would really like the voice over to be applied to a musical background.


Here is what i would like to say:


"From 8 in the morning, until 10 in the evening,

Your listening to the best music, the best sounds, the best programs...

Mannering Media Internet Radio".


Thank you all, in anticipation and for all you have done so far.

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