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Trident -65 cconsole?

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I have a Trident 65 in my studio. It's a 32x16 which indicates it has 32 channnels and 16 Busses. The board also has 32 direct outs so whether you are using the busses for tracking or not is a matter of choice.

The board sounds very good. Far from the thin sound of modern budget desks (Mackie, Behringer). The preamps are usable too sweet - depending on the application. I think the board sounds very full, if not a little too full. Cutting the low mids on some channels usually helps out. The EQ section is pretty basic (Hi+Low Shelf @ 100Hz and 10K and two semiparametric mid bands + Low cut filter up to 400Hz) but sounds sweet.

All in all the console is really great, especially if you get a good price for it. If you are coming from the Mackie (as far as I recall) the Trident will be the holy grail in comparision.

You can also do a lot of upgrades and mods to the console if you feel like that, so do some research on rap or have a look at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Tridentaudio/. Here you can get some more info. Best of luck.

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