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New .music domain being threatened by RIAA.


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RIAA is threatening ICANN over its new top level domain program, which allows all sorts of new TLDs to be registered -- including planned proposals for a .music domain.




YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, All your Internet belongs to RIAA !

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People are just getting out of hand, .music will cause more pirating? Like .com, .org, .net etc. doesn't have any sites that pirate music. Next it'll be, We need to shut the internet down because people are using it for pirating music and what ever.


I have an idea, Why not take away all .com names because not all .com's are commercial sites and you can say the same for .org not all .org sites are Organizations. Thats a good idea, I'm glad I thought of that. Lets see how many people agree with that :)

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