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I have been informed to get my radio out there a little more since i am staying a internet based radio to get applications to get crank my tunes live on the wii, ps3, xbox360.. Are these for real other than punching in the web site.. I have a wii with internet access but says the plug in for my radio is not compatiable for the wii.. Let me know if I did something wrong or if this person was messing with me lol!!


Thank you

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These devices (except xbox 360) are capable of browsing the internet, i've never used them but i'm almost certain that they support flash, so if you add a flash player to your site rather than a media player then it will probably work.


As far as a i know there is no specific radio listings feature, you just visit the websites. there are hacks going around which allow you install a web browser on to an xbox 360 but ofcourse this is illegal.


Let us know if you get anywhere with this



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