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Help with recording a voice over


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When I record a voice over using Audacity I don't use any DSP or Compressor/Limiter. Obviously the level of my voice is very up and down. When I record the voice over through a DSP it always sounds distorted when I play it back through my radio playout software with Octimax DSP. Can anyone tell me why I would get the distortion and is it best to record a voice over with or without the use of a DSP?


I hope this makes sense.



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I guess without DSP is the best solution

Other question is : Is your mic in need for any "preamp" (24 or 48 = from a Behringer mixer ...) ?


The best way to do a liner is : speak > add yes or no EQ > add effects if needed > add a compression or hard limiter to your final result

This example isn't "the" solution ... its one of the solutions

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