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Internet Media Is Shifting


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The Battle for Internet media is building. Gone are the days of simply viewing content on your computer.


Google and Apple are determined to shape the course of media distribution right now, and they have the ability to do it as well.

Google TV - Apple TV


There are also entire software suites that will allow people to turn a computer in a complete media center.

Boxee - XBMC - MythTV


How can broadcasters adapt to these new changes in technology ?


How can providers adapt to these new changes as well ?


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there are many other internet based set-top boxes available already like this and have been around for many years , it's only the publicity from these 2 that get them special attention. It's really down to Internet service providers making high speed connections more widely available and expanding data centers to cope with the heavy loads before anything like this will take off.


at the moment if google or apple tv was popular in your area you would probably see your connection speeds drop or disconnect, you wouldn't be able to surf the internet and watch tv at the same time and you'd probably expect to see extra bandwidth charges.


I'm going to put my money on people sticking to satellite and cable tv.

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Content is king, always has been - always will be. That is the treasure of the 21rst century.


Comcast just acquired controlling Interest in the NBC media corporation. Comcast is one of the biggest broadband Internet providers in North America. With Comcast buying a major chunk NBC, they now have a gold mine of content that they can push through the Internet.


The proliferation of 3-G and 4-G devices with multimedia capability also provides easy access to a whole slew of audio and video content. Automobile manufacturers are now providing Internet radio's in cars. This is direct competition against XM satellite service, which only provides a limited number of channels versus the unlimited number of Internet radio stations.


The push for multimedia access on the Internet will continue at a very rapid pace. The Internet has already proven that it can provide a greater variety of content without geographical boundaries.


Newspapers once thought they could not be replaced, now they are dropping like flies and going digital via the Internet.


It's only a matter of time.

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