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sam not playing pal script on time...drifting

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Hi Folks


using top of the hour, 15,30,45 min pal script from gk europes pal script in library on here the TOTH with time offset for internet delay, BUT all they drift out of sync out of sam output up to 1 min 30 ish seconds.....


they will not play out on time. I have BBC pips leading up to the hour and a voice time announcement as one audio file and have each file, ie 00, 15, 30, 45, in seperate folders. they play out the right times but are drifting off time if you get my meaning.


any ideas? could it be that some of my music is at different bit rates and not all tagged correctly? i would not have thought it a problem as the PAL fires off from the clock time right?



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Are you talking about when you broadcast them or when the listener hears them?


there will always be a delay of anywhere between 45-1.5 minutes average. between broadcasting and hearing. Only thing to do about that would be schedule them about 1 minute before you want them heard.


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To my point of view ... its the delay "on" the internet who counts and not what you hear at the studio

If you use the basic settings of the general TOTH Pal aka start script at :35 to :39 before the hour your beeps has to arrive on TOP of the hour.


The only thing who can happen is that people in the US gonna have an other delay than people in Russia ...

In general a delay of :35 untill :39 before the hour works fine


If not convinced, check my stream, TOTH beeps arrive on time

Unless you have a bad connection to the internet


Hope this was usefull


PS : you can set into config > SAM output to "silent output" aka "no soundcard"

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Thanks folks,


I will monitor the SAM "Studio" output only, for the next day or so to check if the pal script is playing out consistantly on time... although so far its set to trigger at 33 seconds before the hour, 15, 30 and 45, it actually fades the playing deck at this time and plays the first pip at 37 or 38 according to the history list. No problem at all.


I think the problem is with the internet server I am streaming to...its the free listen2myradio.com service. i think there has been some breaks and skips causing an ever growing delay to the listener (at the moment only me!)


As its only a home broadband connection I have I suspect my internet may be the problem here.


Ill report back in a few days to see if the SAM "Studio" output is stable and regular.


Thanks for your help so far on this a a big thanks for the PAL script from GK Radio. They are very cool, thanks!

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depending on setups. delays could be longer and require more of an adjustment.


For example, We have 2 step before live dj's go out to the public. 1st step is a DJ server that they stream to, 2nd step is our broadcast server that picks up the scheduled DJ from the DJ server, then the main broadcast server encodes the public stream. So our delay is closer to 1-1.5 minutes (from dj stream) only 10-15 secs from broadcast server to public.


Basically, if the service you are using (listen2myradio) is causing an added lag, you can adjust for that. it is just a matter of figuring out how much the lag is.


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Thanks Theatre of the mind :)


listen2myradio.com is in fact not "the" server who gonna solve your problem


I wanna redirect you to a service provided by a BW member

The service is FREE of charge but has "some" restrictions


Anyway, using this as test makes you sure about streaming to a real server

Quality is stable and you can stream upto 128kbps

visit : http://freestreamhosting.org/

signup and you can be up and running in no time

You have also a seperated "own" page where friends are able to login to your stream (if your stream is online)


PS: this free service isn't a 24/7 service who provides a free 24/7 stream !

It is usefull to make anything special to your friends or to make some tests ...


If you are convinced of the quality visit the page of the owner aka BW member MixStream

You'll find a redirect link at my GK page at BW >> see banner at my signature


Hope this was helpfull ...

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Thanks folks for all the cool info and about the other free service, ill check it out.


Have been running SAM for a few days now and the problem is with sams set up I think.


I have been monitoring and checking out the event log, and think I may have solved this problem for now at least.


Sam is still a bit of a mystery to me how the logic works, and i am convinced its because my tags are not all correct, but i am slowly editing then as I go along. But I have been looking closely at the LOGS.


In short, my tracks, ids, and time announce are all logged by the EVENT LOGGER and the HISTORY panel, and what I am seeing is that on occasion a music track plays at almost to the second, when the time announce is due (at the same time, ie 35 seconds to the hour).


Sam, overrides the time PAL script and loads the music track and PLACES THE TIME ANNOUNCE TRACK IN THE QUEUE to be played next!..... So it throws the time announce out by several minuites,


It does this too with short adverts, and station IDs IF THE PLAY TIME IS A SECOND OR SO CLOSE TO THE PAL SCRIPT TIME ANNOUNCE!


I seem to have fixed the problem, by adding more commercials and station ids to the clockwheel, but I think I fixed it by disabling the gap killer and the crossfading options, my station now has nice very short pauses between ids ads, time and music and has been playing out the time (not to the second) but very very close.


Hope I am making some sense here as I find it a but hard to write it down and explain.


I will keep a close eye on the event log to monitor and update you all in the future.


Thanks again for all your input, really appreciate your help.

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Thanks for your feedback


All software who is used for streaming audio needs basicly a "time to learn"

Nobody knows everything, but everyone can learn new things everyday

Be patience, and you gonna reach your goal !


Play around with the "lenght" of your IDs, and also with the lenght of your TOTH, etc etc


What We are doing with streaming media is never perfect ...

However also National projects have their problems once in a while ...

so once again .... nothing is perfect ... ;)

Good luck !

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