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I just got a Galaxy Tab and can view my Radio station site, but can't stream from it. I have ready a few comments on here about apps I need to add to the Galaxy Tab to be able to hear my station, but do I need to add a android app to my station to for the stream to go out?


Also what app should I use on my Galaxy to listen to my station?


Does anyone have a station that I can tune into via my Galaxy using android to check it out?


Thanks for any help.

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There are many apps that work amazing. I have used Stream Furious, Shoutcast app, and most recently I've been using another app (forgot the name sorry!).


Your station needs to be listed on sites like shoutcast for it to appear in the apps :)

Jon Bova


"Successful people have libraries. The rest have big screen TVs. - Jim Rohn"

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You may want to consider going with 32 kbs and use the AAC codec instead of MP3. AAC provides a greater quality of sound at lower bit rates than MP3 and AAC is universally supported on all media players and I believe also portable devices.


There is a noticeable sound difference even on the BlackBerry smart phone between MP3 and AAC.


Just my two cents worth.

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