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In Need of Constructive Criticism/Advice

The Fatman

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Hello I am The Fatman from http://www.absolutespazz.com

I would like to get into the voice over area. I need some

Constructive Criticism/Advice, so I know if I have anything

close to what it takes to do voice overs and/or production

of voice overs.


I have to let you know up front , i'm not a professional and

may never be. I have a deep south accent and I can't hide

that. Anyway here is one of the Promo's i've created for my

radio show. And one Station ID for the station.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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Fact is that you use a cheap mic ...

Is that right ?

For reason that into your samples the "deep" level can't be heard


I like the most the liner of "LifeLine"

Can you please post into this topic some "DRY" voice samples ...


That way We can manage some sections of your voice to uplift the quality of your samples.


Looking forward !

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Thank you for the fast reply.

I us a USB Blue Snowball desktop studio mic.

I think I paid about $99 for it.

Here is the link to where I posted the dry read you asked for.



Thanks again for the quick reply.


I'm sorry I misread what you had ask me to do , I will post that dry read here.

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Attached "your" file who has been edited with some tools

What have I done ?

- Normalized all regions

- add EQ

- add compression

- some finishing my own style :)


- the second part has a small echo (also known as canyon)


First of all ... your volume settings are way to low ... so you are losing "power"

You gonna hear with my edits that your voice sounds totally different ... more volume, stable and clean


Be sure to make your reads always converted as mp3 (at least 256kbps) or converted as .wav file (mono or stereo)


Check out the attached file

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I want to thank you again for that advice , it did help. I would really like to talk to you more at some point on Programs and Mics. I feel I should also tell you that all of my recordings are done in my livingroom which is a wide open space of about 16'x24' not sure how much difference that makes. But I would like to upload the same dry liner and then an edited version of that liner. no effects at all just the difference between what I was doing and what you showed me there.
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The chances to know what software I'm using are HUGE :)

I use Coold Edit pro aka Adobe Audition

but I don't gonna tell you witch plugins I use to uplift your voice :D ... thats to everyone "his or her" little secret ....


At my place I use a NT1A of Rode with a preamp of my Behringer mixer (the smallest edition)


Gonna check your new files in a moment ...

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Hello GKREurope,

Thanks again for all you help and advice. I wondered if you can tell me where I might find some free plugin packs for either Cool Edit Pro 2.1 or Wave Pad Sound Editor? Preferably Cool Edit but I use both.


Thanks , I am still working on trying to figure out how you did those but I have made some progress with the advice on EQ and Compressor.

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