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best way to promote my band?


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The way I have promoted my band was in my city first. Don't aim really big at first. Get people talking about you in your hometown, then start working elsewhere. Make simple flyers that you can post up on street polls, community bullitin boards, local clubs (even if they are not your style of music, people listen to a wide variety). After that try talking to some of the big websites that have to do with music, get a banner or name link placed. GET A WEBSITE! Go around to websites that help promote unsigned bands....there are quite a few on the net. Stand in front of concerts giving away demo tapes/CD's....that will get people talking! Even go to sporting events....if you think you are ready, go get a gig at a dive bar (you have to start somewhere).


Hope that helps a bit =)


PS: Depending on where you are, I have a recording studio that you can use.

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